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Prof. Dr. Mohd Zaki Salleh

PROMISE, FF4-Level 7
Faculty of Pharmacy
UiTM Puncak Alam Campus
43600 Bandar Puncak Alam, Selangor. Malaysia

Phone: 603-32584685

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Academic Position Professor
  • 1995: Universiti Sains Malaysia- PhD (Medical Microbiology)
  • 1989: London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, London University – MSc (Medical Microbiology)
  • 1984: Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia - BSc (Hons – 2ndClass Upper)
  • 1976: Universiti Teknologi MARA (Institut Teknologi MARA) - Diploma In Science
Research Area/Interest
  • Molecular diagnosis of infectious diseases through using protein-based and DNA-based diagnostic agents to detect types of bacteria in clinical specimen.
  • Pharmacogenomics in applied clinical and therapeutics investigation.
  • Development of in-vitro model for drug metabolism study.
  • Metabolomics
  • Whole genome database of clinical isolates of micro-organism

Teaching Area
  • Basic Pathology for Pharmacy.
  • Clinical Pharmacokinetics.
  • Pharmaceutical Immunology.
  • Pharmaceutical Microbiology.
  • Pharmaceutical Bioengineering.
  • Research Instrumentation.


  1. Head Pharmacogenomics Centre (PROMISE) (Sept 2008 – Aug 2010)
  2. Director, UiTM - Industry Linkages Centre (Jan 2009 – Dec 2010 )
  3. Deputy Director, Business & Technology Development, Institute for Research In Molecular Medicine (INFORMM), USM from (1 June 2003 – 30 April 2004)
  4. Selection Committee for ‘Anugerah Akademi Negara’, Ministry of Higher Education (2006 - )
  5. Board of Directors, Melaka Biotechnology Corporation (2007 – 2009)
  6. Committee member of the Cluster Working Group (CWG) on Funding Support for Biotechnology Industry (9 Apr 2007 to 11 Jan 2010)
  7. Board Member, Malaysian Institute of Pharmaceutical and Neutraceutical (2006 – 2008)
  8. National Council of Professors, MOHE Malaysia (2009 - )
  9. Member of Task Force for Implementation of HLAB*1502 Test for Patients on Carbamazepine, Ministry Of Health Malaysia (2009 -  )
  10. Board Member, Institute for Research In Molecular Medicine (INFORMM), USM (2004 - )
  11. Chairman, Board of Scientific Advisors, Bio-Streptz Sdn Bhd (2007- 2009)
  12. Member of the Advisory Council to BioStreptz S/B (2007 – 2009)
  13. Subcommittee for Integrated Research and Collaboration, Malaysia Biotech Corporation (2007- )
  14. Member of “Project Team” for Strategic Plan for R & D, Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia  (November 2007 - )
  15. Member of Technical Committee for Monitoring and Evaluating R & D Science Fund (Biotech), Ministry of Science, Technology & Innovation (MOSTI)
  16. Chairman for Committee of Post Graduate Studies, Faculty of Pharmacy. (August 2007- August 2009)
  17. Member, Research Ethic Committee, UiTM  (2007 - )
  18. Committee Member, Animal Research and Ethics, UiTM (2007- )
  19. Board of Studies, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences, Universiti Darul Iman Malaysia (2008 - )
  20. Consultant to  AIN Medicare Sdn. Bhd., (1996-2001
  21. Expert panel, terminologies in Molecular Biology for the 15th Experts MABBIM , 2001
  22. Technical advisor for Expedient-Equity Sdn. Bhd (venture capitalist under Malaysian Venture Capitalist, Ministry of Finance), 2003-2005
  23. President, Malaysian Society for the Advancement of Pharmacogenomics (2006 -09 )
  24. Committee member, Malaysian Society of Infectious Diseases & Chemotherapy (2005 – 2007)
  25. Member, Malaysian Society of Molecular Biology & Biotechnology (2004 - )
  26. Member, Malaysian Society of Microbiology  (2004 - )
  27. Member, Metabolomics Society, 2510 Sam Noble Parkway, Ardmore, OK, USA73401

Selected Publications

Full text (article) in peer-reviewed journals

  1. L.K. Teh,H. Hashim, Z.A. Zakaria,  M.Z. Salleh. POLYMORPHISMS OF UGT1A1*6, UGT1A1*27 AND UGT1A1*28 IN THREE MAJOR ETHIC GROUPS FROM MALAYSIA. Accepted by Indian Journal of Medical Research, 2011.
  2. L. K. Teh, S. H. M. Dom, Z. A. Zakaria and M. Z. Salleh. A SYSTEMATIC REVIEW OF THE ADVERSE EFFECTS OF TACROLIMUS IN ORGAN TRANSPLANT PATIENTS. African Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology Vol. 4(12). pp. xxx-xxx, March, 2011.
  3. L K Teh, Izuddin A F, Fazleen H M H, Zakaria Z A And M Z Salleh. Tridimensional Personalities And Polymorphism Of Dopamine D2 Receptor Among Heroin Addicts. In Press Biological Research For Nursing 2011. [ IF = 0.93]
  4. Z A Zakaria, A M Mohamed, N S Mohd Jamil, M S Rofiee, M K Hussain, M R Sulaiman, L K Teh And M Z Salleh (2011) In Vitro Antiproliferative And Antioxidant Activities Of The Extracts Of Muntingia Calabura Leaves. The American Journal Of Chinese Medicine, Vol. 39, No. 1, 1–18 [IF = 1.422]
  5. Z A Zakaria, M S Rofiee, M N Somchit, A Zuraini, M R Sulaiman, L K Teh, M Z Salleh And K Long. Hepatoprotective Activity Of Dried- And Fermented-Processed Virgin Coconut Oil. Evidence-Based Complementary And Alternative Medicine, Volume 2011, Article Id 142739, 8 Pages [IF = 2.064]
  6. Zakaria, Z.A., Rofiee, M.S., Teh, L.K., Salleh, M.Z., Sulaiman, M.R., Somchit, M.N. (2011) Bauhinia Purpurea Leaves' Extracts Exhibited In Vitro Antiproliferative And Antioxidant Activities. African Journal Of Biotechnology 10 (1), Pp. 65-74 [IF =0.565]
  7. Teh  LK, Langmia I M, Fazleen Haslinda M H, Ngow H A, Roziah M J, Harun R, Zakaria A Z And M Z Salleh. Clinical Relevance Of VKORC1 (G-1639A & C1173T) And CYP2C9*3 Among Patients On Warfarin. J Clin Pharm Ther. 2011 Apr 20. doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2710.2011.01262.x. [Epub ahead of print] [IF = 1.671]
  8. Wan Rosalina WR, L K Teh, N Mohamed, A Nasir, A A Baba, R Yusoff, M Z Salleh. Polymorphism Of ITPA 94C>A And Risk Of Adverse Effects Among Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Patients Treated With 6-Mercaptopurine. J Clin Pharm Ther,  2011 May 5. doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2710.2011.01272.x. [Epub ahead of print] (Impact Factor = 1.671)
  9. N J Yob, S Mohd Jofrry,  M M R Meor Mohd Affandi,  L K Teh,  M Z Salleh And Z A Zakaria. Zingiber Zerumbet (L.) Smith: A Review Of Its Ethnomedicinal, Chemical, And Pharmacological Uses.  Evidence-Based Complementary And Alternative Medicine,Volume 2011, Article Id 543216, 12 Pages Doi:10.1155/2011/543216 (Impact Factor = 2.064)
  10. 10.  Zakaria ZA, Somchit MN, Mat Jais AM, Teh LK, Salleh MZ, Long K. In vivo antinociceptive and anti-inflammatory activities of dried and fermented processed virgin coconut oil. Med Princ Pract.  2011;20(3):231-6. Epub 2011 Mar 29. DOI: 10.1159/000323756
  11. Z.A. Zakaria , A.M. Mohamed, N.S. Mohd. Jamil , M.S. Rofiee, M.K. Hussain, M.R. Sulaiman, L.K. Teh and M.Z. Salleh. In Vitro Antiproliferative and Antioxidant Activities of the Extracts of Muntingia calabura Leaves.  Am J of Chinese Med (Accepted).
  13. LK TEH, MK Zahri, Fazleen HMH, Rosmadi MY, Zakaria ZA, R Ismail, MZ Salleh. Hypertensive Patients Have Higher Genetic Variations of CYP2C8 Compared to Healthy Volunteers. In press J Clin Pharm Ther 2010
  14. V.Ozdemir, D. Husereau, S Hyland, S. Samper and MZ Salleh. Personalised Medicine Beyond Genomics: New Technologies, Global Health Diplomacy and Anticipatory Governance. Current Pharmacogenomics & Personalised Medicine 2009, 7(4): 1-6.
  15. Ngow H A, Wan Khairina W M N, Teh L K, Lee W L, Harun R, Ismail R, Salleh MZ. CYP2C9 polymorphism: prevalence in healthy and warfarin-treated Malay and Chinese in Malaysia. Singapore Med J 2009; 50(5) : 490-493
  16. H Ngow, LK Teh, IM Langmia, WL Lee, R Harun, R Ismail and MZ Salleh (2008).The Role of Pharmacodiagnostic of CYP2C9 Variants In Optimization of Warfarin Therapy In Malaysia: A 6 – Month Follow-Up Study. Xenobiotica 38(6) : 641-651
  17. LK Teh, WL Lee, J Amir, MZ Salleh and R Ismail (2007). Single step PCR for detection of allelic variation of MDR1 gene (p-glycoprotein) among 3 different ethnic groups in Malaysia. J Clin Phar Ther 32:313-31
  18. Nurfadhlina M, Foong K, Teh LK, Tan SC, Mohd Zaki S, R Ismail. CYP2A6 Polymorphisms in Malays, Chinese and Indians. Xenobiotica 36(8), 2006, 684-692(9)
  19. MD Kamaliah, Y Azril Haris, S Mohd Zaki (2004). Role of topical mupirocin as a prophylaxis in catheter related infections in haemodialysis patients. International Medical Journal, 11(1):41-46
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  21. Romaino SM, Teh LK, Zilfalili BA, CP Thong, Ismail AA, Amir J, MZ Salleh, AR Noor, Ismail R (2004). A simple and rapid genotyping method for Beta-2 receptor (b2AR) gene using allele specific multiplex PCR. J Clin Pharm Ther 29 (1) :  47-52
  22. Z Zainuddin, LK Teh, AWM Suhaimi, MZ Salleh, R Ismail (2003). A simple method for detection of CYP2C9 polymorphisms:nested allele specific-multiplex polymerase chain reaction. Clin Chimica Acta 336:97-102
  23. N Jackson, M Zaki, AR Rahman, M Nazim, WN Win, S Osman (1997). Fatal Campylobacter jejuni infection in a patient splenectomised for thalassaemia. J. Clin. Pathol. 50:436-437
  24. Philip R, Dinsuhaimi S, Rosdan S, Samsudin AR, Shamsuria O, Mohd Zaki S, Jamalulail SM (2004). In vitro evaluation of the growth enhancing or cytotoxic effect of Sticophus species (Gamat) on established human fibroblast cell lines and antimicrobial activity. Med J Malaysia, 59 (B): 95-96

Gene sequences deposited in the National Centre for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), Bathesda, MD USA

  1. Lalitha, P., Lim, K.L., Jacqueline, J., Zaki Salleh, M., Ismail, A., Zainuddin, Z.F. and Ravichandran, M. Vibrio cholerae tetracycline resistance protein tetA (class A) gene, partial cds.(2002). Gene Bank, Accession No.: AY186543
  2. Zaki Salleh M, Abdul Wahab R, Fadziruddin Zainuddin Z, Manickam R, Pattabhiram L, Ismail A (2003). Campylobacter jejuni hypothetical protein Cj0419, Accession no: AY271907, NCBI
  3. Zaki Salleh M, Abdul Wahab R, Fadziruddin Zainuddin Z, Manickam R, Pattabhiram L, Ismail A (2003). Campylobacter jejuni strain USM1- putative periplasmic protein, Acession no : AY271908, NCBI
  4. Kirnpal-Kaur,B., Mohd.Zaki, S., Asma, I. And Ravchandran , M. (2003). Shigella sonnei outer membrane protein A precursor (OMPA), Accession no: AY305875 , NCBI
  5. Mohd Zaki S, Kirnpal-Kaur B , Ravichandran M, Asma I (2003). Shigella flexneri 2a outer membrane protein A precursor (ompA), Accession no: AY305875, NCBI
  6. Nik Noorul Shakira, MS, Kirnpal-Kaur, BS, Ravichandran M, Asma I, Mohd Zaki, S (5 April 2004). Shigella boydii outer membrane protein A precursor (ompA) gene, Accession no: AY590298, NCBI

Selected Awards

  1. Gold Medal. Pharmacogenomics Test Kit for Warfarin: Bridging Personalised Medicine to Quality Health Care, Mohd Zaki Salleh. BioMalaysia 2011.
  2. Silver Medal. Bioengineering of A Human Cytochrome P450 3A4 Gene In E.Coli: An In Vitro Tool For Drug Metabolism Screening, Mohd Zaki Salleh. IID D'Puncak 2011.
  3. Pingat Silver: MDR1 Haplotype detection kit. , Mohd Zaki Salleh,  Sharina Hamzah, Teh Lay Kek, Fazleen Haslinda Mohd Hatta. 34th International Exhibition of Invention, New Techniques and Product of Geneva. 6th-10th Apr 2011.(MZ Salleh, Sharinah Hamzah, Teh LK)
  4. Pingat emas untuk “A PCR Genotyping Kit for Detection of UGT1A1 Kit in Colon Cancer” NPEXâ di Monroeville Convention Centre, Monoeville, PA, Pittsburgh, US, 2010. (MZ Salleh, Hazwanie Hashim, Teh LK)
  5. Awarded Gold: INPEX, Pittsburg USA 2010, MZ Salleh, Hazwanie Hashim, Teh LK. PROMISE™Â UGT1A1 KIT FOR PHARMACOGENOTYPING OF IRINOTECAN
  6. Awarded Gold : IID 2009, UiTM. PROMISE TPMT Kit for personalized treatment of thiopurine drugs. Mohd Zaki Salleh, Wan Rosalina Wan Rosli, Teh LK, Rosmadi MY, Fazleen HMH, A Rahman A Jamal, Neoh Hui-Min.
  7. Awarded Silver : PECIPTA 2009, PROMISE TPMT Kit for personalized treatment of thiopurine drugs. Mohd Zaki Salleh, Wan Rosalina Wan Rosli, Teh LK, Rosmadi MY, Fazleen HMH, A Rahman A Jamal, Neoh Hui-Min.
  8. Awarded Gold : BioMalaysia 2008 at KLCC, KL (7-9 October 2008); MZ Salleh, LK Teh, WL Lee and Hazwanie Hashim. A PCR Genotyping Kit for Detection of UGT1A1*6 and UGT1A1*27.
  9. Best oral presentation: FH Hatta, I Fahmy, WL Lee, LK Teh, Mohd Khafidz Mh, R Yusoff, R Ismail, MZ Salleh. Detection of SNPs of hMOR among the Drug Addicts Using PCR-DHPLC Method. 2nd Colloquium and Workshop in Pharmacogenetics. 26 – 29 Apr 2008. Grand River View Hotel, Kota Bharu
  10. Awarded Gold : IID2008 UiTM, MZ Salleh, LK Teh, WL Lee and Hazwanie Hashim. A PCR genotyping kit for detection of UGT1A*6 and UGT1A*27: optimization of irinotecan therapy in colon cancer.
  11. Malim Sarjana UiTM
  12. Second prize for poster, ‘Advances in drug metabolism and development’ – The 1st African Conference on Drug Metabolism and Development, 21-24 May 2007, Kempton-Park Conference Centre, Johannesburg, South Africa
  13. Awraded Silver : 34th Interntnational Exhibition of Invention, New Techniques and Product Geneva, 5 to 9 Apr 2006,  A Ismail, Norzie, MZ Salleh, EZ Campy
  14. Best Oral Presentation – UNESCO Award “Identification of specific primers for Shigella flexneri” Kirnpal-Kaur B.S., Mohd. Zaki Salleh, Ravichandran M., Asma Ismail 25th Malaysian Microbiology Society Symposium, 8-11 September 2002, Renaissance Hotel, Kota Bharu
  15. Science and Technology Award 2002, Malaysia Toray Science Foundation – member of Prof. Asma Ismail research group.
  16. Awarded Silver, 14th International Invention, Innovation, Industrial Design and Technology (ITEX), 15-18 May 2003, A Ismail, Norzie, MZ Salleh
  17. USM ‘Sanggar Sanjung’ award for the year 2003.

Selected Research Grants


  1. Title: Evolutionary Genomics and Anthropological Approaches on the Endangered Malaysian Aborigine Populations: Towards Ensuring their Sustainability.Funded by: Ministry of Higher Education, Long Term Research Grant Scheme, 2011- 2016
    Position: Principal investigator/ Head of program
    Amount: RM 
  2. Title: “Tropical Tuberculosis”: Delineating Host-Environment-Pathogen Interactions. Funded by: Ministry of Higher Education, Long Term Research Grant Scheme, 2011- 2014. Head of sub-project: RM 8,000,000.00


1. Principal Researcher

Project  :Evaluation of The VKORC1 Haplotypes In Individualising WARFARIN THERAPY, 2010, Year : 2010
Amount :RM 45,000

2. Co-Researcher

Project  :Unraveling of the Genetic Polymorphism for Ultrarapid Metabolism of Phenytoin 
Year      :2010
Amount : RM 15,000.

FRGS ,Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia

1. Principal researcher

Project       :  A whole genome analysis of the adaptive power of S. aureus to antibiotics: emergence  of methicillin-resistant S. aureus (MRSA),
Year          :  2010-2011
Amount      : RM 87900

2. Co-Researcher

Project       : Human thromboxane synthase gene (CYP5A1) and glycoprotein IIb/IIIa complex:
                   Implication in the mechanism of aspirin resistance,
Year          : 2010-2011
Amount      : RM 97,700

3. Co-Researcher

Project       : Unraveling of the Genetic Polymorphism CYP2C9 for Ultrarapid Metabolism of Phenytoin ,
Year          : 2010,
Amount      : RM 67,700.


  1. The Relevance of Genetic Profile in Optimization Drug Therapy for Thiopurine and 5- Fluorouracils. FRGS, Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia
  2. Tacrolimus pharmacogenetics: the influence of genetic polymorphism of CYP3A5, MDR1 and Pregnane X receptor (PXR) in transplant patients. E-Science, Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation Malaysia
  3. Genetic polymorphism of drug metabolizing enzymes and estrogen receptors in pharmacogenetics of tamoxifen: implication for optimization of breast cancer treatment. E-Science, Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation Malaysia
  4. Rapid diagnosis of Campylobacter jejuni Intensified Research Priority Areas (IRPA), MOSTI
  5. Application of biotechnology for the development of rapid antigen detection test for Campylobacter jejuni. Intensified Research Priority Areas (IRPA), MOSTI
  6. Application of Biotechnology for the Development of Rapid Diagnostic Test for Shigellosis. Intensified Research Priority Areas (IRPA), MOSTI
  7. Production of Recombinant Antigens for Diagnosis of     Campylobacteriosis. Intensified Research Priority Areas (IRPA), MOSTI
  8. Molecular analysis of a Vibrio cholerae delta- aminolevulinic acid auxotroph: development of improved live vaccines for cholera. Intensified Research Priority Areas (IRPA), MOSTI
  9. Programme Head for Medical Biotechnology. Development of rapid diagnostics against infectious diseases using innovative technologies. There are 6 projects under this programme. Intensified Research Priority Areas (IRPA) Top-Down,  MOSTI – Medical diagnostics  from 2002 – 2006. Intensified Research Priority Areas (IRPA), MOSTI

Patents filed at UiTM

  1. A PCR Genotyping Kit for Detection of UGT1A1*6 and UGT1A1*27”- PI 20094933
  2. A method for CYP2C9 genotyping and a kit derives thereof (2007) - PI 20070175.

Reviewer of Articles in Journals

Local journals

  1. Malaysian Journal of Medical Sciences,
  2. Journal of Bioscience,
  3. Malaysian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences,
  4. Malaysian Journal of Microbiology

International journals

  1. African Journal of Microbiology Research (AJMR)
  2. Pharmacogenomics
  3. Current Pharmacogenomics and Personalized Medicine

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