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1 Phone 603-325844693(Lab)/603-32584617(o)
2 Email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
3 Administrative Responsibilities
Course material Coordinator,  Dept of Pharmaceutics
4 Education
  • Ph D Utkal University, Bhubaneswar,Orissa,India.
  • M.Pharm J.S.S College of Pharmcy, Mysore/ Rajiv Gandhi University of health sciences,Bangalore,India.
  • B.Pharm College of Pharmaceutical sciences , Berhampur /Berhampur University
5 Research Area/Interest
  1. Study of the physicochemical properties of the Drugs.
  2. Elucidation of Molecular processes during modification of Solubility of the active pharmaceutical ingredients.
  3. Study of the drug –metal ion complexes.
  4. Study of the macromolecular (polymers of pharmaceutical significance) fluid dynamics and its correlation with drug release.
  5. Study of bioenergetics in regard to the presence of drugs as well as bio materials in the biologic system. (Deals with toxicology).
  6. Study of nanomaterials with a drug delivery prospective.
6 Teaching Area
  1. Fundamentals of Pharmaceutics/ Physical Pharmacy
  2. Drug Delivery systems
  3. Pharmaceutical Industry Practice
  4. Pharmaceutical Material characterization
7 Professional Membership
  • Life Member of Indian Pharmaceutical Association.
8 Selected Publication
  1. Dash M.P, Tripathy M.K, Nayak P. L, Carbon nanotubes-polymer composites: New revolutionary advanced material in the twenty first century.(Review article), Popular plast. & pack. May, 2009, 42-50.
  2. Dash M.P, Tripathy M.K, Sasmal A, Mohanty G.C, Nayak P. L, Poly(anthranilic acid)/multi-Walled carbon nanotubes composites:spectral,morphological, and electrical properties, J Mater Sci(2010) 45:3858- 3865.
  3. Solanki C S, Tripathy S, Tripathy M K, Dash U N, Studies on the solute solvent   interaction of nimesulide in aqueous solution of hydrotropic agents over temperature range (298.15 to 313.15)K. E-J Chem, 2010, 7(5).
  4. Sahoo S, Sahoo R, Nanda R, Tripathy M K, Nayak P L, Mucoadhesive nanopolymer – a novel  drug carrier for topical ocular drug delivery, (Review article), Euro. J. Sci. Res, 2010, 46 (3), 401-409.
  5. Ambomase Siti S B, Tripathy S, Tripathy M K, Dash U N, Studies on water polymer interactions in     presence of aceclofenac at 298.15K. E-J Chem, 2011, 8(1), 63-70.
  6. Solanki C S, Mishra P, Talari M K, Tripathy M K, Dash U N, Conductometric study of nimesulide in aqueous solutions of hydrotropic agents at different temperatures. E-J Chem.( In Press)
  7. Suhaime Bin I.H, Tripathy M.K, Majeed A.B.A, Environment sensitive polymers for ophthalmic drug
  8. delivery (Review article), Int j pharm bio sciences.
9 Proceedings/ Conferences
  1. P.Nathsharma ,S.Mohapatra ,M.K.Tripathy Study of detoxification of Aconitum ferox using LDH cytotoxicity assay and submitochondrial particle assay,,8th MPS pharmacy scientific conference 15th -18th August 2008,Kuantan,Pahang,Malaysia.
  2. Ahmad,M.M.E.,Rehmah,M.,Amir,M.,Solanki,C.S.,Tripathy,S.,Tripathy,M.K.,Investigation of the compatibility of the solid dispersions of the drug nimesulide with the polyethylene lycols(PEG). Azitonnah university, Amman, Jordan.
  3. M.K.Tripathy, S. Tripathy, C.S.Solanki,U.N.Dash.,Study of the molecular processes during solubility enhancement of nimesulide in presence of hydrotropic agents,29th -30th Sept,2009.Physcical chemistry forum, Astrazenica, Manchester,UnitedKingdom

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