Faculty of Pharmacy UiTM Extends Helping Hand to Needy Students

Members of the Faculty of Pharmacy, UiTM paid a visit to Sekolah Kebangsaan Puncak Alam 2 (SKPA2) on December 9, 2022, as part of a social initiative that began after the COVID-19 pandemic struck the country in 2020. Through the Pelajar Angkat initiative programme, faculty members deposited a monthly allowance into the bank accounts of selected students, in which teachers assisted in identifying eligible students based on family income (the bottom 40% of the lower-income group). Between January and December 2022, twenty-one pupils benefited from this programme. The financial aid is intended to help families by covering expenses like food, books and travel that could assist these students' education  in order to provide a better future.

The Dean, Professor Dato' Dr. Abu Bakar Abdul Majeed, and eleven other faculty members led the visit, which was warmly received by SKPA2's management and the financial aid recipients. Among the activities held during the visit were an inspiring talk by the Dean, the exchange of ideas on potential future collaborations, and the distribution of souvenirs to students and teachers. En. Abdul Rahman bin Marhaban, the headmaster of SKPA2, expressed his heartfelt gratitude for the faculty members' noble initiative and hoped this programme would continue next year. During the visit, faculty members were also able to interact directly with the pupils and encourage them to focus on their studies as a means of escaping poverty. The teachers were also kind enough to give faculty members tours of their facilities, such as "Kelas Pemulihan" and "Bilik Kesihatan".

The Faculty of Pharmacy, UiTM will soon organise more impactful programmes with SKPA2 that will engage Bachelor of Pharmacy students in order for them to improve their knowledge and soft skills by interacting with members of the community. The faculty administration would like to thank everyone who volunteered for this initiative and hopes that it will get continued support in the future.

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