The Histology Unit, Faculty of Pharmacy, UiTM Puncak Alam successfully organized the ‘Hands-On Workshop on the Basics of Histological Analysis’ on 25 May 2023. The one-day workshop was attended by 8 participants from the different faculties and institutions of UiTM including the Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Health Sciences and Hospital Al-Sultan Abdullah.

This workshop aimed to provide opportunities for participants to learn the techniques and histological data analysis that can be used in research. It involved the theory of the principles of histology as well as the hands-on practice of the steps in histological analysis. Besides, it also aimed to expose participants to the proper handling and use of all equipment used in the histology analysis as well as to promote the facilities dan services offered by the Histology Unit, Faculty of Pharmacy to other potential users (faculties/institutions).

The workshop begins with a short lecture on the Introduction to Histological Analysis by Dr. Siti Syairah Mohd Mutalip (Head of the Histology Unit) and continued with a hands-on session on the steps of histological sample and slide preparation. During the hands-on session, participants were allowed to do the sample handlings and experience the histological procedures including tissue processing (including the process of fixation, dehydration, clearing, paraffin moulding), tissue embedding, sectioning, staining, mounting and photomicrograph (results) analysis. The staining procedure used was the standard hematoxylin-eosin (H&E) staining.

The workshop ends at 5.00 pm following a question and answer (Q & A), discussion and closing session. Feedback from participants showed that the workshop was very useful and should be continued in the future. The entire organization of the workshop was a success with great help from the committee members, namely Pn. Azurah Dollah, Dr. Siti Nooraishah Husin, Dr. Ruzianisra Mohamed and Pn. Siti Sarazila Mohammad Shafiee.

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