Basic of Image Processing and Analysis with Image-J

23 participants registered for the Basic of Image Processing and Analysis with Image-J workshop conducted on 15 March 2023. This workshop was an excellent opportunity for researchers, scientists, and students to learn about the powerful image processing and analysis capabilities of ImageJ and how it can be used in their research. During the workshop, participants learned about the basics of image processing and analysis using ImageJ, including inserting scale bar, calculating image intensity, determining particle size, calculating size area and also image enhancement. They can also learn how to use ImageJ for more advanced image analysis tasks, such as 3D reconstruction, colocalization analysis, and machine learning-based image analysis. The workshop was conducted by experienced instructors who guided participants through the various features and functions of ImageJ and provide hands-on training opportunities. Participants had the opportunity to interact with other researchers and learn about their experiences and use cases for ImageJ. Overall, the ImageJ software workshop was an excellent opportunity for participants to gain new skills and knowledge in image processing and analysis, which can help them advance their research and scientific endeavours.


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