Dr. Nurhuda Manshoor

Dr. Nurhuda Manshoor
Senior LecturerDr. Nurhuda Manshoor

General Info:-

Level 11 FF1 Building
Faculty of Pharmacy
UiTM Puncak Alam Campus
42300 Bandar Puncak Alam, Selangor. Malaysia

Phone: +603-3258 4715
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  • PhD (Pharmaceutical Chemistry) UiTM, 2011
  • Master (Natural Product Chemistry) UKM, 2003
  • Bachelor Degree (Chemistry) UM, 2000

Teaching Area:-

  • Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry
  • Pharmaceutical Analysis
  • Pharmacognosy

Research Interest:-


a)            Chemistry of Dipterocarpaceous plants: oligostilbenes and other phenolic compounds.

b)            Development of modern methodologies in phytochemistry: Plants from selected families are studied for the isolation of new compounds through the application of modern approaches to the isolation of plant secondary metabolites without generation of artefacts. These include extensive usage of HPLC, LC-MS, CPC, and others.

Dereplication of natural products:

We are interested in developing dereplication strategy for rapid identification of closely related compounds in complex mixture. The compounds of interest are identified directly from a crude mixture by introducing the plant crude extract into the LC-MSn system. The fragmentation patterns are compared with those of anticipated pure compounds previously recorded and store in a database. Efforts are on developing a highly automated platform.

Metabolomic fingerprinting:

We develop and validate sets of procedure for fast identification of plant species based on mass spectrometric data. This requires an on-line hyphenation of HPLC and MS to record mass data of all plant extracts and chemometric application for data analyses. This analysis will highlight the correlations between plants species regardless their geographical origin, surrounding vegetation, altitute and/or other parameter(s).

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