Written by: Ulfah Rasyidah binti Samsudin

Digital Games Day is a program organized by sport and culture exco of SMF Faculty of Pharmacy that allowed students to be involved in sports but in term of E-sport. The e-sport conducted is by using PUBG, Player Unknown’s Battle Ground, themed “It’s Time For Chicken Dinner”. E-sport is a sport that is commonly organized nowadays. However, it is the first time for sport and culture exco of SMF Faculty of Pharmacy to hold this program.

Although the program is conducted online, communication between students still exists. This is because participants need to communicate among group members to foster cohesion between teams throughout the tournament. This program can also unearth the talents of the students in the field of E-sport and as a platform for students to get to a higher level, especially pharmacy students.

The program was held for two days on 4th and 5th December 2020 at their own residence due to the pandemic of Covid-19. A total of 68 participants consisting of UiTM Puncak Alam students participated in this tournament. The tournament was held in groups where one group consisted of 4 participants. During the tournament, three groups will be chosen as the winners based on the number of points accumulated throughout the two days of tournament.

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