Reviving Islamic Vibes 2020

Written by: Asmalianis binti Che Ashari

Reviving Islamic Vibes 2020 is a programme organized by the Bureau of Islamic Affair Society of Pharmacy Students 19/20 (SOPHYS) starting from 15th October 2020 until 23rd January 2021 for all pharmacy students and lecturers.  Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this programme was held virtually through the online platforms. Reviving Islamic Vibes 2020  aimed to encourage the students to increase their religious worship and basic knowledge about Islam.  

There are four activities held under the Reviving Islamic Vibes programme. Firstly, “Rx Solat Hajat” was held on 15th October to seek blessings from Allah SWT to ease the journey throughout the semester Next, Rx Quran Time was held on 30th October and 4th December 2020 for students and lecturers spend their time to read Al-Quran at their residence.Then, Reviving Islamic Vibes Quiz was held on 14 November 2020 using Kahoot apps to test pharmacy students’ knowledge about basic Islamic teachings. All the students who joined the quiz received e-certificate and faculty merit while the 9 winners of the quiz received cash prizes. Lastly, Rx Weekly ‘Tazkirah is held at the beginning of the semester until the end of it to remind each other about Islam.




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