Written by: Nik Raihana Afifah bt Nik Mohd Asri 

Pharma-e-fiesta is an online program which has been established by the Bureau of Cultural during online distance learning in 2020. It was held on 30th November 2020 until 7th December 2020. This online program provided an opportunity for pharmacy students to show their talents in the social media, enhance their self-esteem and reduce stress during the online distance learning.

The theme for Pharma-e-fiesta 2020 is Malaysia’s traditional based-theme. Therefore, we came up with two main categories which are ‘The Malaysian Culture’ video competition and ‘PharmaSing-A-Song’. Both of these programs required the students to create a video and submitted it through the Google Form and posted the video to Instagram's feed.

The participants from ‘The Malaysian Culture’ video competition expressed their creativity through the general ‘storyline’ about Malaysia such as about diversity of religion and culture in Malaysia, traditional food, Malay’s traditional clothes, cooking for traditional food tutorials, traditional dance etc. The duration for most of the videos were between 1 minute to 5 minutes. This video competition had been judged by our three honourable judges from Faculty of  Film, Theatre and Animation (FiTA) from UiTM.

Moreover, the participants from ‘PharmaSing-A-Song’ sang a traditional-based song which had a Malay’s rhythm. The duration for most of the videos were between 1 minutes to 3 minutes. They sang a song from Dato’s Siti Nurhaliza and Noraniza Idris in a creative way. This singing video competition had been judged by three honourable judges from Faculty of Music from UiTM. 6 winners were selected for both categories and won cash prizes up to RM100.

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