Postgraduate Studies


Both the postgraduate degrees, Master’s of Science and Doctor of Philosophy are research-based. Collaborations of research with other faculties of UiTM and local as well as international universities have been established. A candidate applying for admission to the degree is required to submit a research proposal and will be interviewed by members of Postgraduate Committee. The candidate will be provided with basic courses including research methodology and study design as well as skills to write good proposals and thesis.

Degree by Coursework

Degree by Research


Faculty of Pharmacy provides research-based programme for both Master’s of Science and Doctor of Philosophy in various areas of specialization, including:

  1. Chemistry of Natural Products
  2. Nutraceutics / Cosmeceutics Pharmaceutics (Tabletting, encapsulation and nanoparticles)
  3. Pharmaceutical Technology
  4. Pharmacoethics
  5. Pharmacoeconomics
  6. Pharmacogenomics
  7. Pharmacology
  8. Toxicology
  9. Physiology
  10. Pharmacy Informatics
  11. Pharmacy Management
  12. Pharmacy Practice (Clinical Pharmacy and Community Pharmacy)
  13. Sports Pharmacy
  14. Traditional and Complementary Medicine
  15. Psychosocial Pharmacy & Public Health
  16. Computational Biology/Bioinformatics
  17. Computer-Aided Drug Design