Pharmacology and Toxicology Research Laboratory


  1. Prof. Dr. Aishah Adam (Head)
  2. Dr. Nur Suraya Adina Suratman
  3. Dr. Mizaton Hazizul Hasan
  4. Dr. Aida Azlina Ali
  5. Mr. Hisyam Abdul Hamid
  6. Mrs. Noreen Hussain
  7. Mrs. Nor Farhana Ferdaos
  8. Mrs. Nooranilizawatima Sulong


  1. Antioxidants from natural resources.
  2. Toxicity studies in vitro and in vivo
  3. Efficacy studies in oxidative stress-related conditions, viz, diabetes, atherosclerosis, inflammation, cancer, immune dysfunction, exhaustive exercise.
  4. Biochemical and molecular mechanisms of toxicity and cytoprotection
  5. Issues in trisomy 21 (Down’s Syndrome).
  6. Norciceptive studies.


  1. Oxidative stress indicators and immune function in individuals with Down’s Syndrome.
  2. Antioxidant capacities of plant crude extracts.
  3. Safety of herbs and herbal products.
  4. Efficacy of phytoantioxidants in oxidative stress-related conditions.
  5. Screening of natural products for norciceptive efficacy.


Prof. Dr. Aishah Adam
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