Clinical Pharmaceutics Research Group (CPRG)

Research Interests

  1. Medicine intervention and disease management: respiratory diseases including asthma, COPD and chest infections, mental and neuro-diseases, skin doseases, obesity
  2. Clinical trials / studies: volunteers and patients e.g. determine and evaluate clinical effectiveness of methods and inhalation techniques in patients that use inhaled medications; bioequivalence of inhaled products
  3. In vivo pharmacokinetic (e.g. bioavaiability of inhaled drugs to the lungs) and pharmacodynamics studies
  4. Pharmaceutical / Biomedical Analysis: Therapeutics of inhaled drugs including in vitro inhaled particle design, characteristics and method development, determination of the quality ofthe emitted dose; In vivo urine analysis.
  5. Drug Delivery: Identification of new formulations, innovation and enhancement of topical therapy and systematic delivery mainly inhallational products for respirotary diseases.


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