On behalf of the faculty, staff and students of the Faculty of Pharmacy, UiTM, I welcome you to the home page of the Faculty of Pharmacy, UiTM, Malaysia. I hope this avenue will serve as a gateway to know us better and foster future connection.

The Faculty of Pharmacy, UiTM has been founded on 1st August 2001. We started off with Diploma in Pharmacy and had our first batch of Bachelor in Pharmacy (Honours) in 2002. Currently, we are also offering postgraduate program by research like Master of Science and PhD and Master in Pharmacy (Clinical) and Master in Pharmacy (Clinical Practice) to cater the demand of pharmacists especially from Ministry of Health. In the digitize era, the Industry 4.0 (I4.0) revolution is already re-defining how we manufacture ‘things’ today. I4.0 accepts a number of automation, data exchange and manufacturing technologies that are shifting the landscape of how we make products and expanding the boundaries of innovative, new manufacturing opportunities. Hence, optimization of computer systems and automation are at the core of this revolution, there is the need to change the mindset of our future pharmacists and researchers. As the Dean of the faculty, I find that it is a great challenge for the teaching and learning process in pharmacy area. However, I am very committed to ensure our students receive the best standard quality of education and strive towards excellence, not only in academics but also in research and community services. This faculty also are really devoted to produce a graduate in Pharmacy that are first-rate in soft skill such as in communication, teamwork, creative and positive thinking, managerial and entrepreneurial skills, assuring high quality, agile, competitive and innovative graduates.

As the number one research faculty in UiTM, Faculty of Pharmacy, UiTM has successfully become the centre of excellent in pharmacy education and research in Malaysia via student centered teaching and learning process, research and patient centered care and community services. This is done via variety of teaching and learning styles, research, community services, attachments in hospital, attachments in industries and community activities. UiTM vision is to supply a graduate with global attitudes and actions without forgetting the Malaysian roots. We have started the international networking by student’s mobility program, research and academic staff exchange. Through our international networking, our students have gone for research and industrial attachments, abroad (Australia, Japan, Indonesia, India and Thailand) to gain new experiences and expand knowledge about pharmacy industry and research at pharmaceutical factories and school of pharmacy in other universities.

We hope with the accessibility through our web page on our expertise and facilities, potential collaboration will aspire.

Faculty of Pharmacy, UiTM has a state-of-the-art facility that promotes academic and research excellence...

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Faculty of Pharmacy has produced more than a thousand graduates in Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons) after more than a decade of establishment..

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