21 September 2020

(Results Announcement)

“Expanding Frontiers Through Innovative Ideas”


1st August -14th August 2020
Online Registration


15th August-31st August 2020
Abstract and Video Uploading

1st September-15th September 2020

21th September 2020
Announcement of Results



All participation will be represented by contingents from various Branch Campus/Faculty/Centre/Department etc.

Participation is open to all Staff and Students under the following groups:

  • Inventor I
    Academicians and postgraduate students from all higher education institutions or agencies.
  • Inventor II
    Non-academicians from higher education institutions or agencies.
  • Young Inventor
    Undergraduate students from all higher education institutions.
  • Junior Inventor
    Primary and secondary school students from government or private school/collage.



  • Each participation will comprise of one (1) Project Leader and a maximum of Four (4)
    • Project Members. The Project Leader must be either a Staff or Student of that respective institution.
    • If the participation exceeds 5 members, each additional member will be charged RM 20, with a maximum of eight members per entry.
  • Any additional of project members or change of name is not allowed after the closing date.
  • Any amendments to the project title or category is not allowed after the closing date.
  • Any staff who is on study leave should register under the STUDENT category.
  • The invention/innovation/design can be an outcome of a PhD, Master, undergraduate Final Year Project or research work.
  • Collaborative research projects with industry partners are highly encouraged.
  • There is no limit to the number of packages for each contingent.
  • Regardless of the number of participants, the package fee remains the same.


  • Agriculture, Aquaculture & Environment
  • Biotechnology, Life Science & Pure Sciences
  • Clinical & Health Sciences
  • Education & Human Development
  • Health, Wellness & Wellbeing
  • Chemistry and Natural Products
  • Pure & Applied Science
  • Others


  • The video presentation should be in English, up to 5 minutes duration and compatible with YouTube format (MP4/MOV/AVI). Penalty will be imposed if presentation exceeds the time limit.
  • Video presentation should be submitted before 31 August 2020. Changes are not allowed once files have been uploaded.
  • Each participant is responsible for information and material submitted in PHARM-IIDEx 2020. Should there is any violation of intellectual property rights, PHARM-IIDEx 2020 assumes no liability for such infringement.


  • All participants will be given an individual e-certificate of participation (Project Leader & Project Members).
  • All winners will be awarded with only one e-certificate.
  • All participants from school will receive the e-certificate.
  • Participants will be charged for additional request of hard copy certificate (RM 10 each excluding the courier charge).


Judging is based on the following criteria:

  1. novelty and creativity
  2. applicability of the innovation
  3. significant of the project
  4. commercialization potential
  5. video presentation

Judges will evaluate the products as per registered category. The judge’s decision is final and no disputes/appeals will be entertained.

Any further information please contacts:
Dr. Noreen Husain
Phone: +603-32584785
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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