Analytical Unit is an independent analytical laboratory emphasizing reliable chemical analysis. We are one of the BioNexus Partner (BNP) laboratories providing services to BioNexus companies and other commercial entities. Our current location is at the Faculty of Pharmacy, Universiti Teknologi MARA Puncak Alam Campus.

The Analytical Unit is equipped with HPLCs connected to various detectors (RI, multiwavelength uv-vis, fluorescence, diode array and mass detectors), RRLC, GPC, Preparative liquid chromatography systems and gas chromatography systems.


To become a recognized center for analysis of a wide array of chemical constituents and to provide solutions to unique analytical request.


To provide support to the biotechnology industries in Malaysia, focusing in separation science particularly for food, pharmaceutical or nutraceutical industries.

Service & Training

We can assist in the development of routine analysis and specialized techniques unique to the client’s industry.  We offer flexible approaches which enable you to benefit from tailored packages to balance your needs in terms of speed, cost and quality. Incorporating our vast experience in the research field, we also offer purification and elucidation of marker compounds.

We provide training in various topics which range from fundamental concepts to more advance setting, interpretation and familiarization our high-end equipment. Certificates will be given to the participants who have completed each training course.

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