Main focus of MaReG is to carry out research in related fields of marine sources particularly Malaysian seaweeds and its derivatives; endophytic fungi for novel bioactive compounds (antimicrobial, anti-cancer, antioxidant, wound healing properties, UVB photoprotectives).

The isolation and identification of novel marine endophytic fungi from local seaweeds might lead to the new journey for bioactive compounds discovery.

This discovery will contribute to new knowledge and reveal the great potential of local seaweeds as the source of bioactive metabolites.


  1. Dr  Siti Alwanii Ariffin
  2. Dr. Azyyati Mohd Suhaimi
  3. Dr. Zolkapli Bin Eshak
  4. Dr Nor Hayati Abu Samah
  5. Dr. Asmida Binti Ismail

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