Objective 1

  • Mencapai enrolmen sekurang-kurangnya 800 pelajar menjelang 2025
    (a) Mencapai nisbah 1:8 bagi pensyarah farmasi kepada pelajar tahun akhir Sarjana Muda Farmasi.
  • To achieve an enrolment of at least 800 students by 2025 (a) To achieve a 1:8 ratio of pharmacy lecturers to Bachelor of Pharmacy final-year students.

Objective 2

  • Memastikan 100% kurikulum melalui proses semakan sekurang-kurangnya sekali dalam tempoh 3 hingga 5 tahun.
  • To ensure that 100% of the curriculum undergoes a review process at least once in 3 to 5 years.

Objective 3

  • Memastikan peningkatan peratusan pelajar bergraduat dalam tempoh yang ditetapkan (GOT) menjelang 2025 mengikut peringkat pengajian:
  • 90% pelajar sepenuh masa Diploma & Sarjana Muda
  • 90% pelajar Sarjana (Kerja Kursus)
  • 15% pelajar Sarjana (Penyelidikan) dan
  • 20% pelajar PhD
    • Peratusan graduan dengan PNGK 3.5 ke atas
      • 25% Diploma & Sarjana Muda
      • 60% Sarjana (Kerja Kursus)
  • To ensure the increase in percentage of graduate-on-time students (GOT) in 2025 according to study level:
  • 90% full time Diploma and Bachelor students
  • 90% Masters (by Coursework) students
  • 15% Masters (by Research) students
  • 20% PhD students

    • Percentage of graduates with CGPA 3.5 and above
      • 25% Diploma & Bachelor
      • 60% Masters (by Coursework)

 Objective 4

  • Memastikan sekurang-kurangnya 30 graduan PhD bergraduat dari Fakulti Farmasi menjelang 2025:
    • Memastikan sekurang-kurangnya 10% pelajar PhD adalah dari luar negara menjelang 2025
  • To ensure a minimum of 30 PhD graduates from Faculty of Pharmacy by 2025:
    • To ensure at least 10% of PhD graduates are foreign PhD students by 2025

 Objective 5

  • Memastikan keboleh pasaran siswazah melebihi:
    • 90% (Sarjana Muda)
    • 15% (Diploma)
    • 5% (bekerja sendiri)
  • To ensure the employability of graduates exceeds:
    • 90% (Bachelor)
    • 15% (Diploma)
    • 5% (self-employed)

Objective 6

  • Memastikan bilangan penerbitan berindeks mencapai 700 menjelang 2025
  • To ensure the number of indexed publications reaches 700 by 2025

Objective 7

  • Memastikan nilai geran penyelidikan mencapai RM 20 juta menjelang 2025
  • To ensure the amount of funding from research grants reaches RM 20 million by 2025

Objective 8

  • Memastikan kecemerlangan dalam pemindahan ilmu dengan mengkomersialkan 2 produk hasil penyelidikan menjelang 2025
  • To ensure the excellence in knowledge transfer by commercialization of 2 research products by 2025

Objective 9

  • Memastikan 70% pensyarah adalah berkelayakan PhD menjelang 2025
  • To ensure 70% of lecturers are PhD qualified by 2025



“This document describes the policy for quality assurance and enhancement applicable to all UiTM campuses, faculties and departments. Through this policy, all responsibility centres (RC) shall ascertain the compliance with applicable standards and expectations. This policy governs the need for RC to monitor the effectiveness of their activities aimed at meeting the said standards, manage risk and confirm corrective as well as improvement actions in meeting university’s targets. This document will be referred to as The Quality Assurance and Enhancement Policy (QAEP)”.
-QAEP Version 2-
    • UiTM quality award which is inspired and based on Malcolm Baldridge framework to recognize quality movement and serves as an initiative to appreciate RCs which have shown seriousness in promoting high-quality work.
    • Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) used as a reference to carry out routine operations which consists of set of step-by-step instructions compiled and documented to help the staff of RC in the execution of routine operations.
    • Operational excellence involves strategy, methodology and implementation of approaches to strive for efficacy throughout an organization’s processes and operations. It focuses on the needs of customers, empower employees and enhance the performance of existing activities of an organization.
    • Institutional and program-based evaluation of the RC’s performance to ensure compliance to all requirements. The reports are prepared at regular intervals by a team of committee to identify weaknesses and to strategize corrective measures.

  • Manage and update Quality Management documents (eg: Quality Manual, Quality Procedures) of the Faculty according to ISO9001:2015 iQMS format.
  • Prepare Self Review Report (SRR & PSRR) and other documents related to Quality Management.
  • Conduct an investigation based on audit findings/complaints from customer feedback/ any other relevant channels for corrective and remedial measures to be presented in MKSP.
  • Function as facilitator to implement Quality Management activities of RC such as Operational Excellence (OE) and KIK.
  • Carry out instructions or other relevant tasks that are appropriate to Quality Management portfolio as assigned by the CQO (Dean) and UiTM.


  • Responsible to the Chief Quality Officer (CQO) to draft, plan, and manage the development and implementation of goals, objectives, policies, procedures and systems related to quality and quality assurance.
  • Develop, implement, communicate, and maintain quality plans of RC to ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements, standards and regulations.
  • Plan, coordinate, and monitor UiTM’s quality movements / activities / infrastructures (such as KIK, Hari Kemuncak Inovasi, implementation and maintenance of Quality Management System, Self-Assessment, Audit, AKNC, and Operational Excellence).
  • Update quality-related information in RC and deliver it to all RC staff. Act as a focal point for the quality implementation.
  • Become an InQKA intermediary to move the quality in line with UiTM's goal.
  • Manage and participate in External Examiner's visits and assessments.
  • Ensuring the Quality Management System processes are realized, implemented and maintained.

  • Report to the management on the performance of the Quality Management System and improvement requirements of the PTJ.

  • Ensure staff are aware of the customer's need for continuous improvement of the Quality System.

  • Responsible as a Liaison Officer to stakeholders for any Quality Management System.

  • Report to the management if the need for quality resources is insufficient.

  • Coordinate and managing all risk assessment issues

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