Virtual Pharm-IIDEx 2020

Pharm-IIDEx 2020 is organized to fulfill the aspiration in encouraging bright and brilliant ideas to be crowd-sourced and highlighted in an eventful platform. The main pillars of the objectives of Pharm-IIDEx stand on the purposes of nurturing creativity and innovation thinkers amongst research communities from both academic and non-academic backgrounds. It also aims at providing the initiative to display outstanding inventions or designs produced by researchers. Encouragement in a creative competition is further empowered by the safeguarding of the Intellectual Property (IP) rights of the invention/design as one of the objectives of the program. In this regard, the commercialization prospects and market value of invention/innovation/product could also be enhanced. This year, even though the event is not taking place physically, however through this award-giving ceremony, an avenue could be created to establish business networking partnerships and collaboration opportunities with related industries.

Despite all the challenges and new experiences to be familiarized in organizing the event virtually, this year Pharm-IIDEx received quite encouraging numbers of participation. Not only did it get participation from within the country, interestingly, it was also joined by participants from abroad. A total of 57 groups have participated in this event from four categories to be contested. Pharm-IIDEx 2020 welcomes the participation from academicians and postgraduate students from all higher education institutions, non-academicians from all higher education institutions, undergraduate students as well as primary and secondary school students which are categorized into Inventor I, Inventor II, Young Inventor and Junior Inventor categories respectively.

Apart from receiving participation from higher learning institutions, we are also very glad to receive a total of 13 entries from schools around Selangor consisting of both public and private primary and secondary schools. This indeed depicts the spirit of creativity and innovation are growing among our future generations through which the potential of students from various levels of study to conduct research and subsequently innovate can be polished.

Indeed, to innovate is to inculcate the spirit and belief that things could be done efficiently with possible approaches to spark off. To have a breakthrough we need to foster an environment of exploration that should be initiated by imagination beyond boundaries. It is of our great hope that the organization of this program will serve as a valuable field and platform for the invention and innovation to further excel and reach greater achievements in the foreseeable future.

Date of Publication : 17th February 2021

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