Research Webinar Series: The Fascinating World of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy

Research Webinar Series: The Fascinating World of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy: This talk presented a wide variety of NMR applications. Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy is a very well developed key analytical tool and one that continues to expand in its capabilities and application. It is the most sensitive and powerful tool for the determination of the content and purity of a sample as well as its molecular structure. NMR subdisciplines have now established themselves as separate research fields in their own right, with practitioners of NMR often finding themselves specialising in one of these areas. Common, loosely defined fields might include ‘small’ molecules, bio-macromolecules and metabolomics, aside from solid-state NMR, which itself nowadays largely partitions to materials science and biomolecules. Practical Aspects of High-Resolution NMR focused on the practicalities of executing NMR experiments and has been updated to include recent technological developments, including nitrogen-cooled cryogenic probeheads. The most popular NMR methods were also presented, including relaxation editing, STD, water-LOGSY, exchange-transferred NOEs and the use of competition experiments. Alternative methods employing observation of protein responses were also highlighted during this talk. Experimental Methods described elements of NMR that are used to build modern pulse sequences and has been updated to reflect recent developments and to include older methodologies that have become more established in their roles. This webinar provided detailed molecular information that allows researchers to have an in-depth understanding of composition, chemical structure, morphology, and dynamics. It is particularly useful in the analysis of pharmaceuticals, screening weak-binding compounds and developing into drug-like inhibitors for drug discovery. Researchers from all over the world such as Pakistan, India and Saudi Arabia have attended this talk.

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