Knowledge Sharing Session: Use of Metabolic Cages and Blood Pressure Messurements in Laboratory Rodents

Knowledge Sharing Session is an interactive and informative webinar organized by Laboratory Animal Facility and Management (LAFAM), Faculty of Pharmacy, UiTM Puncak Alam. Invited speakers from various fields will share their expertise and experiences in their respective fields of study. The topics covered are very diverse. In May 2021, Dr Fayez A. M. Almabhouh, post-doctoral from Faculty of Medicine, UiTM Sungai Buloh presented about the Uses of Metabolic Cages and Blood Pressure Measurements in Laboratory Rodents. A total of 42 participants joined this free webinar. He shared techniques and skills using metabolic cages to separate and collect urine and faeces of laboratory rodents for numerous qualitative and quantitative determinations. The participants were also exposed to the method of measuring blood pressure by using tail-cuff plethysmography (CODA system) in rats, mice and other small animals. Participants gained valuable knowledge and skills from this session. Hence, this program is a great platform to cultivate a culture of knowledge sharing among students, researchers, UiTM’s academic staff and non-academic staff.


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