Bioinformatics for Life Sciences & Drug Design Workshop 2023

Bioinformatics is a trans-disciplinary field involving computer technology (software, hardware, programming languages), physics, chemistry, and biology. Bioinformatics has been used in the discovery of new drugs, understanding genetic mutations, cancer, and various diseases. With the increasing availability of biological information in online databases, the skills to use these databases and bioinformatics tools become increasingly critical for those who want to pursue research in related fields. Therefore, this workshop is expected to provide a platform for researchers to deepen and apply their research studies. The objectives of this workshop are:

  1. to understand the 3D structure of proteins and generate images for publication using Pymol software
  2. to generate protein models using Swiss-Model, Alpha-Fold, and Robetta software
  3. to screen chemical molecules using the "molecular docking" technique using AutoDock Vina software
  4. to understand the basics of "molecular dynamics simulation" and its applications in various fields, especially in pharmaceutical and medical biotechnology.

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