The main scope of Student Affairs Division focuses on students’ welfare, comfort and security, providing a wide range of administrative and student services. Among others the Students’ Affair Division is in charge of student recruitment and pipeline development, admissions, student events, student leadership & representation, scholarships & financial aid, academic and career advising, mental health counselling, and learning success support.

Additionally, the Students Affair Division is actively involved in organising student’s activities to ensure students fulfil both spiritual and worldly needs and exposure to the real-life scenarios. Students’ self-development programs, charity drives, public education services are some examples of such activities. These are handled and coordinated with the help of Society of Pharmacy Students (SOPHYS) and Secretariat Mahasiswa Fakulti (SMF).

Student Affairs staff collaborate closely with Pharmacy students, staff members in the faculty, and members of the community to support student academic success, professional development, and personal well-being.

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