The Faculty of Pharmacy (FPH) places high emphasis on quality service provision including quality governance, excellent availability, and delivery of services to our customers. This effort has been hugely acknowledged when for the first time, we were selected as one of the finalists in the recent Anugerah Kualiti Naib Canselor (AKNC) 2022. The AKNC 2022 is an annual Vice-Chancellor Award given to appreciate the successful departments/faculties that have shown excellent quality management systems with proven achievements in the previous year. The criteria for AKNC are applied to achievements within UiTM and to being impactful toward the local community and recognized at the international level.

The AKNC 2022 awards were given during the Majlis Kemuncak Bulan Inovasi dan Kualiti UiTM 2022 held on 10th November 2022, with the FPH prestigiously winning two awards of Bidang Tumpuan Jaringan Alumni, Komuniti & Kesukarelawanan (Scope of Alumni and Community Networks and Volunteerism) and Kriteria Perancangan Strategik (Strategic Planning Criterion). These awards were from the great collaborations with alumni, community, and volunteerism activities that had been successfully organized by FPH in 2021. The global struggles due to the Covid-19 pandemic in 2021 necessitate FPH to serve its function as an important healthcare team through various approaches. Despite the challenges of restricted movement and risks of highly virulent infection, FPH played its important roles in educating the community by organizing multiple activities such as webinars, flip book production, and community outreach to bridge gaps in the knowledge of health-related issues via online platforms for wider coverage of knowledge-sharing benefits.

As an entity of education provider, FPH realized its responsibility in knowledge empowerment is not confined to educating our students but also to strengthening the establishment of collaborative relationships with international communities and alumni for mutual benefits. In addition, being involved directly in National Covid-19 Immunisation Program (PICK), FPH had given its full commitment as volunteers in regulating vaccination service at Mega Vaccination Centre (PPV) UiTM Puncak Alam.

The winning of the AKNC 2022 also came from the effort of a dedicated AKNC committee that focused on an essential objective-oriented strategy. This committee was responsible to produce a high-quality report for the proper documentation of FPH involvement in the related activities under the related scopes. The team was mainly spearheaded by Quality Unit, with significant empowerment through the brains and brawn of academic and non-academic staff who were involved as content editors, authors, and information providers and the indirect involvement of the whole faculty members.

Indeed, FPH has proven its potential in providing services that are responsive to quality needs and always strives for continuous improvement towards betterment. The acknowledgement given through these awards will encourage FPH to move further and to serve better to attain the respected quality of the organization with excellent performance.

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