Pharmaceutics Lab 3 & 4

Main activities:

  • Laboratory is mainly design for teaching and learning activities (practical classes) for undergraduate student in Faculty of Pharmacy
  • However, laboratory is also equipped with the facilities for research in pharmaceutical related field





Particle Size Analyzer MS2000


Use for particle size analysis and particle size measurement. Determines the size range, and/or the average, or mean size of the particles in a powder or liquid sample.

Accessories:  Wet & Dry Powder Dispersion

Disintegration Tester


Disintegration tester is widely used to measure the quality of the oral dosage form like tablets and capsules. A disintegration test is a procedure to find out the time it takes for a solid dosage form to completely disintegrate.



Tablet friability can be used to measure efficiency of tabletting equipment or as an indicator of formulation suitability as well as routine QC functions. It can also be thought of as measuring “dusting”. Tablets are rotated in a plastic drum for a specified period of time.

Hardness Tester


Tablet hardness testing, is a laboratory technique used by the pharmaceutical industry to determine the breaking point and structural integrity of a tablet and find out how it changes "under conditions of storage, transportation, packaging and handling before usage" The breaking point of a tablet is based on its shape.


CAT x 120

Use in process of reducing the size of the fat globules , to extremely small particles and distributing it uniformly throughout a fluid .

Reservation Application Form

Particle Size Analyzer MS2000**1 per sample 50 100 150
Disintegration Tester per sample 30 50 100
Friabilator Tester per run 15 30 40
Hardness Tester per run 25 50 75
Homogenizer per sample 50 100 150
Analytical Balance per hour 0 0 5
Drying Cabinet per day 30 40 60
Biosafety Cabinet Class II per day 60 80 120
UV Spectrophotometer
for Absorbance & Wavelength
per cuvette 5 60 90
Centrifuge Labofuge per run 20 45 70
Torsion Balance per sample 25 50 60
Hot Plate per day 15 30 40
Glassware Washer
Include Decon and Dish Soap
per run 15 25 35
Sieve Shaker per run 50 100 100
Viscometer Falling Ball per sample per test 20 40 60
**1 Service Does Not Include Chemicals / Disposal Materials

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