Written by: Che Ku Atikah Binti Che Ku Abdul Rahim

Online Forum titled “Sembang Santai The Series: Lungs-Treat Me Right Or Lose Me ” was a programme that conducted online through Facebook Live and Youtube Live platform and it was organized by Sekretariat Mahasiswa Fakulti Farmasi. This programme was held on 30 November 2020 from 2.00 pm to 4.15 pm. 

Lung cancer problem is expected to be the third most common cancer amongst Malaysians. Smoking tobacco is by far the leading cause of lung cancer. About 80% of lung cancer deaths are caused by smoking, and many others are caused by exposure to secondhand smoke. Lung cancer awareness can help people around the world for the prevention and early detection.

This programme was held to raise awareness on the lungs cancer disease in society as well as  is intended to educate the public about the potential causes and risk factors of the disease. In this programme, participant were given exposure on tips for the early intervention such as smoking cessation. They were given guidance regarding steps on how to stop smoking effectively without having withdrawal symptoms and other pharmacological therapies such as nicotine replacement therapy.

In this programme, we invited three panelist which included Associate Professor Dr. Ahmad Izuanuddin Ismail, Deputy Dean Clinical Services of Faculty of Medicines UiTM. The second panelist was Zulsairi bin Mohd Pauzi, a pharmacist from Institut Perubatan Respiratori (IPR) of Hospital Kuala Lumpur and the third panelist was Zaki bin Yahya, a chairman of Persatuan Ziarah Sahabat Kanser.

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